Hear the Nature

Ms. Ivanova is a dedicated supporter of protecting and promoting environment and regularly participates in actions and initiatives related to that purpose. One of the more significant is the “Tree Day” which was first organized in 2007, when Macedonian forests were seriously affected by severe fires. Upon an initiative of the Board led by Maestro Boris Trajanov, with support of the entire Macedonian society, the Tree Day has grown into a mass movement to regenerate devastated forests. In support of this national action, the First Lady of the Republic of Macedonia, Maja Ivanova, traditionally invites ambassadors’ spouses and they plant trees together, in support and as a contribution to this broad initiative. With this, Ms. Ivanova lobbies not only among the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, but among the resident embassies in Macedonia for a green and healthy environment.

Planting locations are determined by Ms. Ivanova and change each Tree Day. The first planting tree action was organized at the residence of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, where, Ms. Ivanova, with a distinct pleasure, wished warm welcome to her guests who generously responded to her invitation, fully supporting her idea.

The second time Ms. Ivanova invited the spouses of the diplomatic corps in Macedonia, who gathered to plant the future in the yard of the kindergarten “Kocho Racin” together with those who enjoy the greatest care and love of Ms. Ivanova, children. They welcomed Ms. Ivanova playing and songing, and showed that, although very young, they already know how to take care for nature and contribute to a healthy and clean environment.

”The Tree Day managed to unite us all and build us as a community, not only among ourselves but also with future generations enabling them to live in a healthy and prosperous country”, Ms. Maja Ivanova said, planting tree near the kindergarten Kocho Racin.

Third time in a row, the traditional planting trees was organized by Ms. Maja Ivanova in the Monastery St. Nikola in Ljubanci village, on Skopska Crna Gora slopes, together with the nuns from the monastery and the members of the “Tree Day - Plant Your Future” association. As before, the action was supported by ambassadors’ spouses resident in Macedonia. The planting tree action was intended to prevent land sliding where the monastery is located, which poses a serious threat to the sacred building. The monastery St. Nikola in the vicinity of Ljubanci village was built in mid 19th century. Its construction lasted from 1849 to 1858, with personal efforts and material goods of Ljubanci villagers, since they traditionally pay tribute to this Saint. Testimony of this is the 14th century Byzantine church in the village dedicated to St. Nikola. The iconostasis in the monastery church, which was renewed in 1998, was carved by the famous Macedonian Woodcarver Dicho Zograf. With the revival of monasticism ten years ago, the monastery of St. Nikola became spiritual center. Due to the favorable mountain climate, during the Second World War, the monastery functioned as an air bath for people with tuberculosis. Planting trees in this area, Ms. Ivanova, despite the care for a clean and healthy environment, showed care and attention to preserving our historical and cultural heritage.

Ms. Ivanova, with great pleasure, attended the ceremony of awarding certificates and prizes for the best students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, who acquired knowledge in one of the most important areas today - renewable sources of energy.

”If once this was a problem of mankind dealt by scientists, now, we are in a stage when every one of us must be informed of how much effort should be invested by all of us to preserve our planet. Today we witness and feel the horrible consequences of climate change and global warming, one of our greatest investments is precisely the challenge in exploiting renewable energy sources, as an alternative to conventional, which is a major step forward towards a healthier environment”, Ms. Ivanova said at the ceremony.

Impressed by the great interest of the students in studying this area, Ms. Ivanova gave them full support and encouragement to be the future active guards of our universal home and with the knowledge gained to actively contribute to environmental protection and addressing challenges faced by our planet.


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