The Ivanov family with the diplomatic corps celebrating Epiphany in Dojran
Friday, 19 January 2018 13:04   

PRM_-_Vodici_8The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, with his wife, Ms. Maja Ivanova, his son Ivan and the members of the diplomatic corps, participants of the traditional diplomatic corps reception, today in Nov Dojran attended the celebration of the great Christian holiday Epiphany.

The happiest among the participants who swam into the waters of the Dojran Lake for the Holy Cross was Mite Pejkov from Nov Dojran, who congratulated all Orthodox believers. "It is my ninth time to swim in the waters for the cross this year, and fourth time to catch it"," Pejkov said, adding that the feeling is indescribable. President Ivanov awarded Pejkov with a cross from the region of Gevgelija and wished him and his family well-being, health and success. Pejkov received an icon as a gift from the Russian Ambassador, Oleg Shcerbak.

President Ivanov congratulated all Orthodox believers the great Christian holiday Epiphany.

"Epiphany is a symbol of the spiritual birth and the new beginning in the life of the believer. As a symbol of the new beginning, Epiphany should remind us not to go back to the old, but to strive for a life filled with love, humbleness, mercy, and solidarity. To compete in goodness and build our multiethnic, multi-religious and multilingual society in peace, coexistence and respect for diversity", the Macedonian President said.
Satisfaction with the attendance of the celebration of the great Christian holiday Epiphany in Dojran also expressed the Russian Ambassador Shcerbak.

"We are very glad that today we are here, on the shores of Dojran Lake, and that we see that this holiday is marked with huge attendance and great joy in the Republic of Macedonia. I would like to congratulate this wonderful holiday to all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and wish them good health, happiness, joy, prosperity and stability", Ambassador Shcerbak said.

Yesterday in Gevgelija, President Ivanov hosted the traditional reception for members of the diplomatic corps on the occasion of the New Year and Christmas holidays.