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The newly appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden, Lars Wahlund presents the Letters of Credence
Friday, 01 October 2010 00:00

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, received today the letters of credence of the newly appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to the Republic of Macedonia, H.E. Lars Wahlund.

The newly appointed Ambassador of Sweden stressed that the relations between our countries are extensive and excellent and that during his term he would do everything in his capacity to promote the relations further and deepen the cooperation.
Many people from Macedonia live in Sweden, where they give valuable contributions to our society. I would also like to further our relations in the cultural and commercial spheres, said the Swedish Ambassador.
Ambassador Wahlund underlined that the Sweden’s commitment to the Macedonian statehood has been strong since the very beginning and added that one testimony to this is the Swedish substantial contribution to the UN peacekeeping mission UNPREDEP in the 1990’s.
Sweden is an ardent supporter of Macedonia’s integration into the transatlantic community. Sweden sees it as crucial that Macedonia start the EU negotiations as soon as possible with an aim of becoming a member, once all requirements are fulfilled, stated Ambassador Wahlund and also said that the EU enlargement is the key tool to reform and modernize societies in SEE, as well as to ensure and safeguard stability in this region.

President Ivanov, wishing Ambassador Wahlund sincere welcome and successful execution of the responsible mission, expressed his satisfaction with the development of the relations of friendship between our two countries and stated that the Republic of Macedonia is strongly committed to further develop the relations and cooperation with the Kingdom of Sweden.
I am convinced that Sweden, as an influential European Union member state, supporting the ‘open door’ policy, in future, will also support Republic of Macedonia’s efforts for its integration in the European family, as it was done during last year’s Swedish Presidency, President Ivanov said.
The Macedonian President emphasized that for the Republic of Macedonia, the process of Euro-Atlantic integration was and still is one of the key integration factors and driving force of the reform processes, thus it enjoys absolute political, ethnic and social consensus.
The progress of the Republic of Macedonia in that process has been recognized and acknowledged by the European Commission, underlined President Ivanov and stressed that the opening of the accession negotiation for the Republic of Macedonia will not only confirm the credibility of the Union, but it will have additional motivating effect in my country, as well as positive implications for the stability and prosperity of the entire region.

Opening Remarks of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, at the Training for Young Leaders in Ohrid
Monday, 16 August 2010 10:40

Respected Ladies and Gentlemen. It is a great honor and a true pleasure for me to greet you here, on the shore of the Ohrid Lake, the waters of which are being splattered by some of the most significant Macedonian and European spiritual and cultural centers, a Lake that centuries ago used to inspire people to create real and lasting values. Today, exactly on the shore of this Lake, inspired by the rich heritage of Saints Clement and Naum, the Macedonian teachers and creators, we shall sail along in the waters of theoretical and practical leadership.

People say that “… the society is like a ship; at any time there should be people to take over the helm…”.
In order the future helmsmen to be ready to take over the helm, constant investments in their development and education must be made.

The road that leads to individual and collective success is neither short nor easy. The desire for success is not sufficient to go through that path, but also a clear vision as a beacon that illuminates the path. Commitment to the goal and sense of responsibility towards ourselves and towards others is necessary.

However, personal commitment and personal responsibility should be supported by collective commitment and responsibility to support the best, those who will lead the country tomorrow. The society, which today cares for its young leaders, tomorrow will be headed by the same people it has invested in, thus creating and strengthening its duality - responsible society headed by responsible social leaders. And precisely here lies the secret of successful societies. Therefore, I am particularly glad that this training is a result of the new spirit of togetherness, of shared social responsibility towards young leaders.

Ladies and Gentlemen. So far very little and rarely was invested in them. Often young potential leaders were left alone to get through. Today we turn a new page. State and business should be partners, creating real value through concerted and joint efforts. Today we set the foundations of what we hope will become a regional education center for teaching and training of future leaders.
We are aware that the future of social welfare in the Republic of Macedonia depends on future leaders, their qualifications, skills and knowledge, but of moral values and integrity of the person as well. Therefore, the mission of the Training for Young Leaders is to hand over your compass, to you, as a generation of future leaders. Our mission is, through the high quality education we provide, to prepare you to implement and promote the real values in the political and economic life, as well as to deal with the challenges imposed by the global technology, international competition and cultural and religious diversity.

Dear all. Some think that leadership is an art, others see it as practice. Some say that leaders are born, others that leaders are created and developed. Regardless of the answer to this dilemma, leadership and learning are inseparably intertwined. It is not enough to know. Knowledge must be applied because. Only if applied, knowledge will be in function of individual success that will bring a collective success.

Based on respect of fundamental human values, the vision of the Training for Young Leaders is to integrate modern political, scientific and technological knowledge and skills, both theoretically and practically. With this project we make a concrete step in your education, developing leadership personality and leadership skills, creating a sense of responsibility and response to the environment in which you live and work. This is best achieved through the direct link between the proven leaders in their respective fields and young social leaders.

Therefore, this training is an excellent opportunity for fruitful exchange of experiences and ideas among current and future leaders. This Training is an encouragement to this generation to mentor and support the future generation to find the best solutions and to enable it to further develop on its rich experience and to fulfill its aspirations. I believe that this workshop will meet our, but above all, your expectations. That it will continue to recognize and receive qualified, potential challenge-oriented leaders, ready to find innovative solutions to the problems. That it will continue to recruit professors and instructors who are themselves leaders in their academic field or practical field. That it will create a climate that is favorable for open minds, a climate that will enable effective learning and quality upgrading. Finally, I believe that this Training will offer a model of learning based on the latest research and studies on the state of play in the political, economic and sociological theory and practice.

Ladies and gentlemen. Using one of the greatest national treasures of Macedonia - the infinite creativity of its citizens - quality training of young leaders may encourage and ensure national prosperity and international competence. I believe that this workshop will provide exactly that.

At the end, remembering the immortal words of Dimitar Miliadinov who said “I have sown the seed, and I wish you are alive to gather its fruits”, I wish you, young social leaders, successful academic and professional harvest.

Joint statement after the meeting of Presidents Ivanov and Tadic
Wednesday, 09 June 2010 17:15
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