President Ivanov meets with the OSCE Secretary General, Mr. Lamberto Zannier
Thursday, 09 March 2017 12:29   

ZanierThe President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, received today the OSCE Secretary General, Mr. Lamberto Zannier.

At the meeting they exchanged views on the current situation in the Republic of Macedonia and the challenges facing the country caused by the political, constitutional and institutional crisis.

In the context of the current situation, President Ivanov reiterated the position that there are legal and political aspects that are a problem, but also a precondition to get out of the situation. Regarding the legal aspect related to the deadlines for awarding the mandate, he said it is easy to overcome. Regarding the political aspect, President Ivanov stressed that he stands firmly on his position that the platform of Tirana should be condemned and rejected, as well as the interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Macedonia which do not assist in the efforts for good neighborly relations, stability and security in the region.

The OSCE Secretary General expressed concern about the inter-ethnic tensions, urging everyone to make constructive steps to overcome the crisis. He agreed with President Ivanov that the leaders of the region should refrain from harmful rhetorics.

The Macedonian President and the OSCE Secretary General exchanged views on the security situation in the country and the region, as well as on the migrant and refugee crisis. President Ivanov said that the Republic of Macedonia continues to implement the measures in accordance with the conclusions of the European Council to quickly stop the flow of migrants, border protection, illegal migration reduction and protection of the integrity of the Schengen zone.

In order to deal with the threats of violent extremism and the activities of foreign terrorist fighters, the Macedonian President stressed the need for the OSCE programs on counter-radicalization and de-radicalization.

President Ivanov expressed his expectation for continued cooperation with the OSCE and support in areas such as rule of law, police, judiciary and promotion of inter-ethnic relations and coexistence.