President Ivanov meets with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Nils Muiznieks
Thursday, 01 February 2018 13:34   

Muinieks-webThe President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, received today the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, Mr. Nils Muiznieks.
At the meeting, opinions were exchanged on the current reform processes in the Republic of Macedonia, the rule of law and the situation in terms of respecting human rights.

President Ivanov pointed out that the Republic of Macedonia cherishes the highest standards in the protection of human rights and the rights of communities, assessing that as a unitary state with a multiethnic society, it is the most positive example in the region with its model of respect for diversity.

The meeting also exchanged views on the new Law on the Use of Languages, where the Macedonian President repeated the arguments related to his decision not to sign the decree for its proclamation.

At the meeting, President Ivanov stressed that the Republic of Macedonia has an active role and contributes substantially to the work of the Council of Europe in order to promote awareness and respect for human rights and is fully committed to meeting the standards contained in the European Convention on Human Rights.

"The Republic of Macedonia remains firmly committed to the further promotion of the defined human rights standards at the international level and will work with the member states of the Council of Europe in an open and constructive atmosphere in order to meet the goals and priorities", the Macedonian President said.

President Ivanov expressed the readiness of the Republic of Macedonia to continue the close cooperation with the Office of the new Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe.