Reaction from the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia to the statement of Mr. Kostadin Kostadinov, Member of Parliament of SDSM
Thursday, 28 June 2018 12:28   

The claims of Mr. Kostadin Kostadinov, MP of SDSM, that President Ivanov is blocking the appointments of the ambassadors of the Republic of Macedonia is a big lie and manipulation in order to defocus the public and an attempt to pressure the Macedonian President because of his position on the Law on Ratification of the Agreement with Greece.

If the political party SDSM has remarks about the procedure for appointing ambassadors, it should look for answers from the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We inform the public that the appointment procedures are ongoing for all proposed candidates for ambassadors for whom previously an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been achieved. In accordance with the legal procedures, for some of the approved and agreed proposals, the appointment procedures have been completed and the diplomats are already sent to the adequate posts for execution of the ambassador's duty.

Regarding the statement of Mr. Kostadinov that "President Ivanov acts only when he has to pardon criminals", we remind that Mr. Zoran Zaev, who is pardoned twice and previously abolished by former President Crvenkovski, is on that list of pardoned, too. Hence, we thank for the sincerity of the political party SDSM for treating its leader as a criminal.
It is unclear to us how the political party SDSM in today's three public appearances with accusations towards President Ivanov, did not write or mention once the constitutional name of our country, the Republic of Macedonia.

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On the other hand, it is clear and expected that the political party SDSM, through such manipulations, is trying to put pressure on President Ivanov, because of his policies and firm positions in defending the dignity of the Macedonian people and the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, and regarding the non-signing of the Decree for proclamation of the Law on Ratification of the Agreement with Greece.