Statement after consultations with political parties represented in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia
Wednesday, 01 February 2017 19:37   


izjava_konsultaciiRespected citizens of the Republic of Macedonia,

For already two and a half years we are going through a deep political crisis. The long-awaited elections were held recently which we hoped would provide a way out of this situation. But, instead of final resolution of the crisis, it entered a new stage.

In the past period we heard various interpretations of the Constitution. Everyone interprets it as he or she wants or as it fits him or her.

I, as President, gave an oath that I will respect the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Macedonia. The Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia reflects our authentic Macedonian reality. Not only that it cannot be interpreted according to one's party wishes and interests, but the Constitution is used to measure everything else.

Article 90 of the Constitution is clear: "The President of the Republic of Macedonia is obliged, within 10 days of the constitution of the Assembly, to entrust the mandate for constituting the Government to a candidate from the party or parties which has/have a majority in the Assembly."

Not coincidentally, the creator of the Constitution foresaw only one article in the Constitution - it is Article 90. The intention of the legislator who did not define in detail the possible actions of the President in such or similar situations, means that he gives freedom for the actions and assessments of the President.

I used my constitutional right and obligation. Guided by the letter of the Constitution, and after the consultations held on January 9, 2017, I entrusted the mandate to Mr. Nikola Gruevski. Thus, I observed the provisions of the Constitution, but I also remained consistent to the current practice.

Respected fellow citizens,

I decided to make consultations with the relevant institutions and political parties. The purpose of the consultations was to share my views, hear the opinions and views of my interlocutors not only on the priorities and national interests but also on the way out not only of the political but also of what looks more like a constitutional and institutional crisis.

Following the consultations, I want to inform you that the mandate for constitution of a new government will be entrusted to the party or coalition that will inform me and prove it has secured a majority in the Parliament. In other words - first confirmation and proof of majority and then mandate to form a government, in accordance with Article 90 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.

As I already pointed out in my annual address to you, the citizens, I expect of those who will constitute the new government to include two key priorities in their program:

First, protection of the state interests of the Republic of Macedonia, which implies preserving and strengthening the unitary character of the state.
Second, systemic reform after the crisis, which will cover the entities of the national security system of the Republic of Macedonia.

During the consultations, we discussed all the possibilities and options in case no one secures a majority in Parliament.
All options remain open.

Whatever happens, I assure you that I will act solely in the interest of the state and the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.
When I was elected President of the Republic of Macedonia, I gave a solemn oath to the citizens that I will respect the Constitution and the laws. Even now, I do not think of making any concessions from the oath I have given.

Thank you.