Address on the occasion of awarding the Medal of Merit for Macedonia to Heinz Brandl
Wednesday, 06 June 2018 12:22   

BrandlDistinguished attendees,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Created with the need to create himself, man contributes to building a better world for the future generations. But, from all the building achievements of men, from the ancient settlements to the most modern megalopolises and smart cities, only those who are well founded survive.

Geotechnical engineers play a key role in the process of finding the balance between physical limitations of nature and human aspirations to overcome those barriers. They need to open their minds and think out of the patterns, to find new and innovative solutions to the challenges of nature.

Today, one of the top geotechnical engineers in Europe and the world is here with us, Professor Heinz Brandl. He is a theoretician and practitioner, who contributes to moving the boundaries of the possible. With his creativity and innovation, Professor Brandl is an inspiration and an example to many people in his vocation.

His merits speak not only of the significant scientific contribution, but also of the unselfish sharing of knowledge, being a feature of the true leaders. For only true leaders want to motivate and encourage as many people as possible. He has enabled many of our masters and PhD students to study at the prestigious Technical University of Vienna. And with that, he helped in transferring and applying their knowledge here, in the Republic of Macedonia.

Consistently, pledging the Geotechnical Society of Macedonia to become a full member of the International Geotechnical Association, he showed that science does not accept double standards. It is a lesson that some political decision-makers in the European Union and NATO should learn.

As one of the founders of the Danube European conferences on mechanics of soil and geotechnical engineering, he pledged the Republic of Macedonia to host this prestigious conference. With that, Professor Brandl put the Republic of Macedonia on the European map of geotechnical engineering.

Therefore, for everything that he has done in the past decades for the promotion of geotechnical engineering in our country, I am honored, as President of the Republic of Macedonia, to award him with the Medal of Merit for Macedonia.

Thank you.