Address by President Ivanov at the opening of the European Scout Academy
Wednesday, 31 October 2018 22:46   

PRM_Izvidnici_01Respected Members of the Scout Association of Macedonia,

Dear Scouts from all over Europe,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my huge honor and great pleasure to be with you at the opening of the European Scout Academy. The organization of such a significant event in the Republic of Macedonia testifies to the place and importance of the Macedonian scouts in the European and world scout movement, which includes over 50 million young people and has a history of more than a century. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the official start of the organized scouting in the Republic of Macedonia.

In the past decades, the Scout Association of Macedonia has contributed to the proper upbringing and education of thousands of young people in our homeland. Today, the Scout Association of Macedonia operates on almost the entire territory of the Republic of Macedonia, with 25 active scout units.

Using the scout method and informal education, it is an organization in which young people find their interests and learn skills. With its dedicated work, the Scout Association of Macedonian contributes to the proper development of young people by embracing their self-esteem, teaching them the real values, encouraging them to respect other people with all their differences.

The Association offers the scouts a moral compass, besides the magnetic compass. The moral compass helps the scouts build character and integrity, be humble and ready to serve others, work for the common good. The moral compass helps them focus on people and encourages the best in them. To be responsible for each other. All this is done with an almost infectious passion.

PRM_Izvidnici_02Dear friends,

For 65 years, the Association is an example for working with and for young people. Therefore, as President of the Republic of Macedonia, I made a decision to award the Charter of the Republic of Macedonia to the Scout Association of Macedonia. This Charter is a gratitude for everything that you, as an association, have done in the past decades. I am convinced that it will be an additional incentive to continue with your noble mission. To be a community of trust in which young people feel secure and accepted, where they can freely share their problems and thoughts and build themselves and become individuals with high moral values. But even more than that.

This Charter is at the same time a challenge to engage in the rebuilding of the values ​​in the Republic of Macedonia. Such rebuilding is however more than necessary. If only one day we monitor the developments in our country, our social networks and the media, both in the virtual and in the real life, we will see how much good scout values ​​are in fact needed for the Macedonian society.

Truth has never had so many enemies as it has today, in our time of fake news and wars of perception. Public decency became an exception rather than a rule. Courage and endurance have become rare and expensive. The absence of responsibility has led to a crisis of confidence. All this is contrary to the principles on which scouting is based. Scouts radiate with confidence. That confidence is acquired by the scout by acting responsibly, that there is a sign of equality between his or her thoughts, words and deeds. These things are indeed the foundation not only of the life of the virtuous individual, but also the foundation of every free society.

Therefore, it is necessary to find again the golden balance that will help us build virtuous, moral and responsible individuals. Individuals who, with their talents, knowledge and skills, will contribute to their personal well-being, but also to the well-being of the whole society. I am confident that the Scout Association of Macedonia has a great role in rebuilding social values.

At the very end, I use this opportunity to wish a successful scout academy and a pleasant and unforgettable stay in the Republic of Macedonia to all the guests from almost all European countries.

Thank you.