The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, received today the letters of credence of the newly appointed Ambassadors of New Zealand and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Republic of North Macedonia.

At the ceremony of presenting the credentials by Anthony George Simpson, newly appointed Ambassador of New Zealand to the Republic of North Macedonia, President Pendarovski emphasized that our two countries share the vision and responsibility for a more secure and predictable world, a prosperous and sustainable development and for the protection of human rights and the environment, as these objectives are most effectively achieved through multilateral cooperation mechanisms. We appreciate New Zealand’s active role within the UN, President Pendarovski said, adding that we are pleased with our partnership and cooperation in this field in the future.

Ambassador Simpson stressed that the two countries, although geographically distant, share many things in common, such as the commitment to contribute to maintaining world peace and security by participating in international peacekeeping and support operations, as well as by promoting dialogue and peaceful resolution of disputes in our respective regions and beyond. New Zealand, Ambassador Simpson added, recognizes the important role of North Macedonia in maintaining peace and stability in the Western Balkans.

At the ceremony of presenting credentials by Doan Tuan Linh, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Republic of North Macedonia, President Pendarovski noted that the two friendly countries demonstrate a sincere desire and efforts to develop bilateral relations and cooperation in all areas of mutual interest, expressing confidence that the cooperation will be enriched with new content.

Ambassador Linh said he was honored to be appointed as Ambassador to our country, noting that he would contribute to further strengthening the friendship between Vietnam and North Macedonia in the interest of both nations.

President Pendarovski wished the newly appointed ambassadors success in their responsible diplomatic post.