Application Requirements for the School for Young Leaders

The Program is intended for young people with accomplished higher education, aged 23 to 35, graduated students and professional with 1 to 5 year of experience, who gain interest in civil society, economy and politics. It is expected the participants to demonstrate willingness to develop their leadership skills and to contribute to the future positive development of the society and the environment they live and work in. The School is traditionally organized every year at the end of August, while the application process is open at the beginning of May.

Application requirements:

• Fluency in English.
• The average grade of the higher education to be equal or greater than 8.5 (or equivalent if the diploma is obtained abroad).
• Working experience of one to five years and a Master Degree in the relevant field is advantage.

Required documents for application:

• Two references/ recommendations from your organization, company or university 
• English language certificate
• Copy of transcript
• CV
• Motivation letter (short)

The criteria for selection of the participants for the School for Young Leaders are based, primarily, on the academic and professional achievements of the individuals applying. During the selection process, the Commission also evaluates their individual achievements, examples of leadership practiced, communication skills, principles in life, the elaboration of their vision for their own and the future of Republic of Macedonia.


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