Women Empowered

”…The image of women in Macedonian society and the treatment she receives is a combined expression of centuries-old traditions, culture and mentality of Macedonian people, on the one hand, and the political will and commitment of women in the past twenty years of Macedonian independence, on the other hand. For a greater integration of women in social and political life most deserving are the civil society initiatives. Time, understanding and political will were necessary that process to get recognition and be supported by the institutions”.

Excerpt from Ms. Maja Ivanova’s address at the Women’s Business Forum:
”Leaders’ Spouses as Role Models and Their Impact on Women’s Policies”
April 2011, Istanbul, Republic of Turkey

The success concerning the position of women may not always and should not be interpreted from the position of numbers, from the position of women’s participation in the institutions measurement. Although less numerous, women in politics in the Republic of Macedonia made substantial contributions in many political initiatives and legislative projects in the areas of: social protection, increased maternity leave, support for families with more children, support for young married couples, concern for active lives of old persons, antidiscrimination of marginalized groups, support and encouragement of entrepreneurship for women in rural areas, in the field of culture, education and health. For the support of Ms. Ivanova in terms of women in politics speak her participation and support of their initiatives.

In the area of business and economic development of the Republic of Macedonia, women increasingly play a more important role with a visibly strengthened entrepreneurial spirit. Today we witness the existence of many successful companies run by women who understand the market conditions, involve their creativity in the production and promotion and create recognizable Macedonian products and services.

Her support for the most successful women’s stories, Ms. Maja Ivanova gave with her patronage of the selection of “10 most successful women managers in Macedonia”, by addressing the winners of the prizes at the celebration initiated and organized by the organization Marili.

Ms. Ivanova remains open for cooperation in every suitable occasion by giving her support for initiatives related to improving and strengthening the position of women, as well as positive and increased awareness of the achievements of women in society. In March 2010 Ms. Ivanova, in Villa “Biljana” in Ohrid, hosted a reception for the Spouses of the Heads of Delegations participating in the Conference of Customs Administration Directors of the WCO European Region, dedicated to strengthening the institutional capacities, with presentations on topics related to the World Customs Organization policies.

Women are leaders of civil initiatives for improving health care system, contributing to the creation of public policies on protection and prevention. Ms. Maja Ivanova provides her unreserved support for activities and projects aimed at improving general health, timely medical prevention, strengthening of the health care for women.

The awareness of women in the Republic of Macedonia for timely detection of one of the most severe women’s diseases, the breast cancer, is a challenge that Ms. Ivanova takes along with the established organizations in the country, active in this area. With her involvement in the initiatives and activities of the Women’s Breast Cancer Association - Borka, she provides support for the Association’s activities to raise awareness among women about the need for timely and appropriate detection of breast cancer, but also to provide support and happier moments of those who are fighting it. And therefore, proudly, she was part of the pink - walk “Go Pink 2010” dedicated to all those who have lost, won or still run the battle with the breast cancer. In 2010, she visited the Clinic for Oncology and, together with other prominent female representatives of the social life, tried, at least for a moment, to understand the daily struggle with cancer of some patients.


International organizations implement many and various activities dedicated to women. One of those activities in which Ms. Ivanova took active participation was the roundtable on “Women Connected for Health”, as part of a full-day event “First Ladies Supporting Millennium Development Goals”, organized by ADA (Advanced Development for Africa), in collaboration with ITU (International Telecommunication Union), and several UN organizations. This was part of her activities during the 65th UN General Assembly, in which her husband took part.

As part of her agenda dedicated to women and women's challenges, yet another activity of Ms. Ivanova is remarkable - her participation at the Eurasian Economic Forum organized by the Marmara Foundation, held in April 2011 in Istanbul, the Republic of Turkey. Ms. Ivanova addressed the Women's Business Forum, as part of the Summit, on "Leaders' Spouses as Role Models and Their Impact on Women's Policies". As a forum participant, at the end of the event, she participated in the ceremony of lighting candles in memory of women worldwide, victims of violence and in the call in support of the "Platform for Rehabilitation of Women Victims of Violence".

During the official state visits of President Ivanov, besides the regular and protocol activities, Ms. Maja Ivanova tries at every opportunity to learn more about the achievements, challenges and problems faced by women's associations of the Macedonian Diaspora.

Ms. Ivanova endures in her efforts to support every woman in her efforts for a successful lifetime and social story, as well as every organization that works to strengthen the position of women.


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