President Pendarovski addresses the first academic class at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”

1 October 2020 | Speeches

President Stevo Pendarovski addressed today the first academic class for freshmen at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in Skopje.

Please find below the integral text of President Pendarovski’s address.

Dear students,
Distinguished Rector of the “St. Cyril and Methodius” University,
Distinguished Dean of the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”,
Respected professors,
Dear friends,

Today, I have the special pleasure and honor, as a former university professor and former student of this Faculty, to be among you at the first class of the academic 2020/2021, to greet you and wish you a successful start of your studies.

Cyril and Methodius University, as the oldest and widely renowned academic center in our country, has been producing staff for decades who, with their knowledge and skills, is competitive in the labor market in our country and abroad. The future legal experts, lawyers, judges, political scientists, journalists and politicians who played or play today a role in the process of transformation of the Republic of North Macedonia into a modern, democratic and prosperous country are graduating from the Faculty of Law at UKIM, where I also studied. This year we became a member of the most important global security organization, and soon we will formally enter the great transformation to become part of the European Union, so all the knowledge and expertise you get here, along with your youthful enthusiasm and energy are absolutely necessary.

Dear students,

Unfortunately, this year the Covid-19pandemic, which fundamentally changed our everyday life, also dictated changes in the educational process. Today’s ceremony is also modified in accordance with health protocols and regulations. It does not have the usual atmosphere on the student campus, however, life must go on and we all have to adapt. Use every moment to gain new knowledge and skills, to gain information and experience. Share and communicate, but when you cannot do it with physical presence, use new technologies.

As a person who passed through these amphitheaters almost 40 years ago, I can tell you that the most beautiful years of your life are ahead of you. You will learn, but you will also socialize with each other. Each of us still remembers the most difficult subjects, the best professors, but also all the ups and downs of the student years.

Dear professors,

As part of this profession, I am absolutely aware of your role in the educational process. I know the burden on each of you to prepare for class, to transfer knowledge to students, to help them realize their potential, to attain their life plans. But, no less important, to offer them values and moral vertical that will be the pillar of their personal and professional integrity. Being someone’s teacher in life is the noblest, at the same time the most difficult task. But I am deeply convinced that you have both the capacity and the motivation to help these young people realize their dream.

At the very end, let me wish you all good health, happiness and success, and to the freshmen, studies filled with interesting content and acquisition of new knowledge and skills that will make them better people.

Thank you.




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