A visit to Struga within the “Face to face with the President” Project

11 July 2022 | Press Releases

Today, President Stevo Pendarovski visited the municipality of Struga, as part of the “Face to face with the President” Project.

During his stay, the President visited several institutions in Struga, part of the Macedonian cultural heritage, the company “Podgorka” dealing with import and distribution of food products, and he also had a meeting with activists and volunteers initiating environmental actions for cleaning up the Ohrid Lake shore.

At the meeting with the management of “Podgorka”, President Pendarovski was informed about their activities, food industry capacities and latest investments co-financed by the IPARD Funds and the Government.

In Struga, President Pendarovski also visited the Memorial house of one of the founders of modern Macedonian literature, the author of the Macedonian national anthem, Vlado Maleski, as well as the mural which, as a tribute to him, was made by Macedonian artist Goran Ristovski and placed on the façade of the Struga Cultural center “Brakja Miladinovci”.

As a sign of support to Macedonian cultural heritage, President Pendarovski also visited the Memorial house of brothers Dimitar and Konstantin Miladinovi, as well as the memorial gallery of one of the founders of our contemporary art, academician Vangel Kodjoman.

The Director of NI Museum “Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski”, Jovan Vasilevski, introduced President Pendarovski to the current activities and challenges faced by this National institution, as well as the state of the galleries and museums within its framework. President Pendarovski pointed out that continuous support and maintenance of cultural institutions is necessary, them being one of the most visited by domestic and foreign tourists, an important resource for encouraging the economic and touristic development of the municipality of Struga.

Within the framework of the “Face to face with the President” project, the President also met with a dozen activists and volunteers from Struga, who for the second year in a row are organizing environmental actions to clean up the shores of Lake Ohrid. Nderim Položani, initiator of the action and president of the mountaineering sports club “Caps” from Struga, expressed hope that their civic initiative will raise public awareness of the preservation and protection of nature and the environment and will encourage the local government to support their next activities.





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