Address by President Pendarovski on the occasion of the New Year’s holidays

31 December 2020 | Speeches

Dear fellow citizens,

 2020 was one of the most difficult years since the Macedonian independence. We spent it in constant tension between fear and hope.

We feared for our health and lives. We were also worried about the economy, about jobs; many personal and professional plans were postponed. But, most tragically of all, many human lives were lost.

The pandemic has shown how vulnerable we are as humans. At the same time, it exposed many systemic weaknesses that are a source of social inequality and injustice. It is no comforting that these weaknesses have been shown in many other places in the world, not only in our country.

However, in all that pain and fear we went through, we still had reasons for hope. That hope was given to us by our heroes, the health workers, who daily, selflessly fight for the health and life of every patient, even on the New Year’s Eve.

The humane people with a big heart gave us hope with their donations and the volunteers with their dedication. Those who fought for social justice and a dignified life in such conditions also gave us hope.

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

 We cannot know for sure what awaits us in the year ahead. But, in this time of uncertainty, one thing is certain. The crisis is changing us all, gradually, every day, and it is up to us whether we will emerge from it divided and indifferent or united and in solidarity. We need to know that every good deed continues to live in the people we have helped and cared for.

The pandemic will pass. Better days will come. We will be able to be together without fear. But, even then, we must not forget the expensive lessons we have learnt. We must be systematically prepared for the next crisis, we must recover the economy, we must eradicate injustice, we must overcome divisions, we must heal these wounds. We all deserve much more joy and happiness!

In 2021, I wish health, only health, so that we can fulfill all our wishes.

Happy New Year!







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