Address by the Wife of the President at the event titled “Screening in the first trimester of pregnancy”

11 November 2022 | Press Releases

The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, attended and addressed the event titled “Screening in the first trimester of pregnancy”, organized by the World Association for Perinatal Medicine, in coordination with the Macedonian Association for Fetal Medicine.

Addressing the audience, the Wife of the President said that with the support of the United Nations, North Macedonia has taken concrete steps to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes, stressing that we must not be satisfied with these results, but must strive for the advancement of perinatal health and eradication of perinatal and neonatal mortality.

“Core of our efforts must be reform for better fetal and maternal health, which should allow every pregnant woman and newborn to have access to health facilities with the capacity to provide high-quality, safe and effective care in accordance with their specific health needs. The attitude towards the most vulnerable categories speaks loudest about the real character of the society”, said Gjorgievska.

“To achieve this goal, it is necessary to invest in intensive and continuous training for all health professionals, from gynecologists and obstetricians, through neonatologists, to nurses and midwives”, said the President’s Wife, adding that these rigorous chains of trainings are developed by appropriate professional associations, aligned with the needs of specific levels of perinatal care and incorporated into the system of continuous medical education.

The event is dedicated to fetal medicine and the health of the mother and future newborn, which are always the focus of the global health agenda and efforts worldwide, with the ultimate goal – achieving the best possible outcomes for this vulnerable group.

Our country, as a result of the joint efforts of the Ministry of Health, the Government, the UN organizations, donor and other international agencies, has made significant progress towards improving perinatal care indicators. In the direction of improving perinatal health, through the work of the Committee for Safe Motherhood, the implementation of numerous activities is planned in the future, which will enable a deep analysis of the current organization of the system for perinatal care in various areas and the proposal of measurable and feasible recommendations for re-organization of the existing system based on well-known successful models in other countries, adapted to the specificities of our country.




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