Address by the Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, at the presentation of the perinatal mortality audit report

19 November 2020 | Press Releases, Speeches

The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, addressed today the event dedicated to the first perinatal mortality audit report in North Macedonia for 2019.

Emphasizing that the results of this report are of great importance in planning future measures and activities to improve the quality of maternal and newborn health services, Gjorgievska said that only by joint efforts and joint engagement of all relevant institutions, civil society, media and research institutions, the system will be able to sustain the already initiated action for prevention of maternal and newborn mortality.

“Every mother has the right to health care, the right to a safe pregnancy and a safe delivery. Thus, for the mother the whole period will be a positive experience. Every newborn has the right to be born in a safe environment, to be transported safely if problems occur and, most importantly, to be close to the loving care of the family”, Gjorgievska said.

In that direction, as Gjorgievska said, when a pregnancy complication is detected, hospitals must be ready to meet these health needs seamlessly. But, as Georgievska added, quality infrastructure, appropriate medical equipment, dedicated health professionals are necessary.

“Equal opportunities should be provided for every community in North Macedonia. We will achieve that if we provide evidence-based health care, appropriate conditions in health facilities and timely provision of necessary health services”, Gjorgievska underlined and added that the first perinatal mortality audit report for North Macedonia will contribute as a country to accelerate progress towards achieving the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals for the coming years.

The 2019 North Macedonia perinatal mortality audit report was drafted by the office of the World Health Organization in Skopje, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Committee for Safe Motherhood, UNICEF and UNFPA.






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