Address of President Pendarovski at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antwerp-Waasland

22 May 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, as part of his working visit to the Kingdom of Belgium, addressed today the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antwerp-Wasland (VOKA), where the economic potential and investment opportunities in North Macedonia were presented.

President Pendarovski emphasized that Belgium is an important political and economic partner of North Macedonia and is one of the first countries that saw the opportunities for investment in North Macedonia.

“Currently, we are in the middle of the so-called screening process, but, in parallel, we are undertaking serious reforms, compatible with the EU acquis, which we expect will have a positive impact on the overall business environment”, President Pendarovski, pointing out that there is a solid contractual legal framework between North Macedonia and the Kingdom of Belgium, already established network between businesses communities and relevant institutions, we have an airline connection between Skopje and Brussels, and a large Macedonian diaspora living here which is instrumental for connecting people from both states.

In the context of the new circumstances due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the President emphasized that there is no country that is more or less not economically affected and that could cope all the challenges by itself. “Therefore, countries that share the common values of democracy have no better alternative, but, to improving their economic ties, because not only the business people benefit from it, but, also our citizens who directly enjoy the effects of such cooperation”, the President said in his address.

He pointed out that every successful business story, like that of Van Hall, further strengthens the relations between the two countries, which, in the conditions of international instability, is more than necessary.

The presentation was addressed by the Minister of Economy, Kreshnik Bekteshi, the Director of the TIDZ, Jovan Despotovski, the President of VOKA, Andreas Pfeffer, as well as Philip Van Hall and Hilde De Saedeleir from the companies “Van Hall” and “New Vekama”, who shared their business experiences and recommendations from the work in North Macedonia.





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