President Pendarovski presents the Grand Annual Award for the most successful architectural work in 2022

27 December 2022 | Press Releases

Yesterday evening, President Stevo Pendarovski presented the Grand Annual Award for Architecture for the most successfully implemented architectural work in 2022 to Marija Dimitrievska and Elena Pazardzievska, the authors of the Villa for Contemporary Housing project, a weekend settlement on Lake Mladost in Veles. The annual grand award is organized by the Association of Architects of Macedonia, and President Pendarovski is the patron of the traditional event.

In his address, President Pendarovski said that this event provides an extraordinary opportunity to take a look at the current developments in Macedonian architecture, which reflects social, economic, technological and aesthetic tendencies at national and international level.

He said that construction in transition in our country is burdened by the race for quick earnings and pointed to the dilemma faced by every architect, how to satisfy the demand of investors, without stepping on one’s own creative talent and building according to the man’s needs.

The President highlighted the new generations of Macedonian architects, whom he said are worthy heirs of our famous traditional architecture, which testifies to our existence, our culture, ethics and humanism.

“I wish that you continue to persist in your convictions and aesthetics without conceding and without compromising yourself regardless of the circumstances and the character of the time in which we live. After all, you are part of the intellectual and critical core of the society, and you must not lose or relativize that role”, President Pendarovski said.




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