President’s Wife, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, visits Bitola

8 June 2022 | Press Releases

The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, during her visit to Bitola today visited the primary school “Gjorgi Sugarev” on the occasion of the graduation celebration of students from the Center for Support of Children with Disabilities where she talked with special educators and rehabilitators about the current activities and events, while the students performed recitations and danced. During the visit to the School, the President’s Wife also visited the office for sensory integration, where the school principal, Robert Filipovski, introduced her to the challenges they face in carrying out their activities.

On the occasion of the opening of the School for Diabetics in the Municipality of Bitola, Ms. Gjorgievska met with the Association of Diabetics from the Municipality of Bitola where she was informed about the plans for implementation of the educational program and the importance of education for prevention, early detection and adequate treatment of this disease.

The President’s Wife also visited the showroom of the designers and entrepreneurs “Le Brand” by Lili Kadinska and “Minnimal” by Marija Desanova and Biljana Siljanovska, as part of her activities to support women craftsmen and entrepreneurs in the country. In the showroom of the designer Lili Kadinska, she was presented the process of making various creations and plans for the future, and was additionally informed that part of the income she earns from selling some of the products she donates to a fund for support of women victims of violence and single mothers. In the showroom of the designers Marija Desanova and Biljana Siljanovska, the latest collection was presented to her and she was informed about the innovative way of producing and selling clothes. In the talks, Ms. Gjorgievska was acquainted with the challenges faced by women starting and developing businesses in the country, as well as the potential that women entrepreneurship brings to support the economic development of the country.

The President’s Wife ended her visit to Bitola with a visit to the cafeteria “Ulaf ste” in the Old Bitola Bazaar, which is managed by people with hearing impairments. In an informal conversation with the employees, Ms. Gjorgievska heard their life story that motivates others to believe in themselves and create success stories.






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