Meeting with members of the Bosniak community in the Republic of North Macedonia

28 September 2023 | Press Releases

On the occasion of September 28, the International Day of Bosniaks, President Stevo Pendarovski received a delegation of prominent members of the Bosniak community in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The meeting was attended by Jelal Hodzic, deputy director of the Community Rights Agency, Izeta Babacic, teacher and author of Bosnian language textbooks, Sanadin Voloder, journalist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Enis Drndar, expert on energy sector infrastructure security – MEPSO, Armin Mandal , representative in virtual E-football and Elvira Mekić, nurse and humanitarian worker.

The interlocutors informed President Pendarovski about the challenges faced by the members of their community as well as about the activities aimed at realizing and promoting the national rights of Bosniaks in the country, in all social segments. In that context, the commitment to affirming and using the Bosnian language in the educational process and in public information services was emphasized, as well as for the fair representation of Bosniaks in state and public institutions.

President Pendarovski expressed his satisfaction with the continuous and dedicated contribution of the Bosniak community in building and nurturing our multi-ethnic society, which is a positive example in the international framework. Congratulating them on the International Day of Bosniaks, the President reaffirmed his support and personal commitment to ensuring the rights of all ethnic communities, in the direction of enabling equal treatment and opportunity for each individual, which is a key prerequisite for the overall development of our country.




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