Congratulation message from President Pendarovski on the occasion of the New Year holidays

31 December 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, on the occasion of the New Year holidays, sent a congratulation message to the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Dear fellow citizens,

Behind us is yet another difficult year in which we did not have many reasons for joy and celebration. Global crises, backed by our chronically present domestic problems, have contributed to thinking more about mitigation than development. We see the effects around us: apathy, mistrust and disappointment among citizens.

However, throughout history we have also gone through much more difficult times and we have not lost faith and hope. We need to return to the values that give meaning to life. In the New Year, let us be better, more united, more tolerant both as individuals and as a community. May we overcome the misunderstandings that have been holding us back for years. Instead of the race for material goods, let us give priority to goodness, to help each other, to build a humane and noble society.

Sincerely, I wish health above all in 2024. Regardless of ethnic, political, religious, gender or any other affiliation, we all live under the same sky, breathe the same air, share the good and the bad together. And with joint efforts we can bring prosperity to our small but beautiful homeland.

Happy New Year 2024!
Stevo Pendarovski






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