Congratulation message by President Pendarovski on the occasion of October 23 – the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle

23 October 2020 | Press Releases

Dear fellow citizens,

I congratulate you on October 23 – the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle. On this day, we are reminded of the founders of the Macedonian revolutionary movement, who were guided by just ideals and principles that, in our region, were before their time. These were ideals for a free Macedonian republic, based on democratic principles, with coexistence between different ethnic, religious and linguistic communities. They were followed by the Ilinden fighters and the anti-fascists who fought for and won our freedom and statehood.

Today, 127 years later, it is our generational duty not only to preserve the benefits of our ancestors, but also to take the next step – to build the Republic of North Macedonia in an advanced European country with functional and responsible institutions, the rule of law and a free and inclusive society.

This year, we celebrate the holiday in the circumstances of the global pandemic with COVID-19, which reminded us how intertwined our destiny is and how vulnerable we are, regardless of our ethnic, religious, political and social differences. This challenge that transcends our differences is at the same time an opportunity through solidarity to achieve the civil reconciliation that is so necessary for us. Solidarity must once again become our supreme individual and social virtue. Only if we take care of each other, only if the state takes care of every citizen, there will be hope for the Republic of North Macedonia.

Congratulations on October 23rd!

Stevo Pendarovski




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