Congratulation message from President Pendarovski to the Christian believers who celebrate Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar

24 December 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, on the occasion of the great Christian holiday of Christmas, sent a congratulation message to Dr. Kiro Stojanov, Bishop of Skopje and Eparchy of Strumica-Skopje and to all believers who celebrate Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar.

Dear fellow citizens,

I avail myself of this occasion to send sincere congratulations to all believers who celebrate the great Christian holiday, the Nativity of Christ – Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar and wish you to spend the festive days in good health filled with love, joy and happiness.

The birth of Christ as a holiday of light, giving and love, at the end of each calendar year, gives meaning and significance to our short-lived earthly lives, feeding us with hope and faith.

It is on Christmas with pure thought and good will that we unite by doing good deeds and sharing love and care. Despite all crises, temptations, challenges, let us remain optimistic and spread positive energy. May the Christmas spirit settle in our hearts, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in the whole community. United and in solidarity, may we create works that will be remembered by future generations and will ennoble the present. To respect and help each other, to give more.

Merry Christmas!

 Stevo Pendarovski





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