Congratulation message on the occasion of September 8th, the Independence Day of the Republic of North Macedonia

8 September 2019 | Press Releases, Speeches

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, sent a congratulation message to the citizens on the occasion of September 8th, the Independence Day of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Distinguished citizens,

In 1991, at an uncertain time, we, the citizens, got united around the idea of ​​our own, independent state. Then, the great challenge, rather than the cause of divisions, became the occasion for unification – we all backed the idea of ​​an independent and sovereign Macedonia.

Over the years we have had ups and downs, mistakes and successes, but together we have overcome all temptations.

In 1991 we chose independence, in 2001 inter-ethnic coexistence. Today we are at the gates of the European and Euro-Atlantic institutions. To reach the goal, we need to renew the unity we had at the beginning of independence. We need civil reconciliation, and for lasting reconciliation we need efficient justice and state institutions with integrity.

If we want young generations to stay in the country and live, work and create a future here, we must do much more as a state and provide them with the conditions to attain their goals and succeed at home, in their own country.

Dear Citizens,

Our diversity is our privilege. The more diverse we are, the richer and more beautiful our shared home will be. Let us build a common state where there is certainly room for us all, let us build a society free of prejudice. A state and society in which there is productive political dialogue, social justice, solidarity with the vulnerable and the forgotten, in which both the state and the citizens care about the environment. A state governed by the rule of law, in which the same rules apply to all, strong and weak, powerful and powerless, both in power and in opposition. A country where mistakes are acknowledged and successes praised. Such a country will only have a secure and prosperous future.

May our state be eternal!

Many happy returns to the Independence Day!

Stevo Pendarovski

President of the Republic of North Macedonia




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