Congratulation note by President Pendarovski on the occasion of the International Day of Bosniaks

28 September 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, on the occasion of September 28, International Bosniak Day, sent a congratulation note to the members of the Bosniak community in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Distinguished members of the Bosniak ethnic community,

Congratulations on September 28, International Bosniak Day.

In our common home, the Republic of North Macedonia, this important day has been proudly celebrated for a decade and a half as a symbol of the rich history and culture, customs and folklore of the members of the Bosniak ethnic group. Exactly with their specifics and worldview, Bosniaks occupy a special place in all social segments in our homeland, but also in the entire Balkan region, enriching the priceless mosaic of different cultures and traditions.

Dear fellow Bosniaks,

Thanks to you and the contribution of all other ethnic communities, the Republic of North Macedonia can boast of being an example of a functional multiethnic society. May our coexistence, unity and respect be an investment in building a stable, prosperous and economically developed state! United, may we overcome all health, economic and political threats that hang over our homeland and over us as individuals! Let us bridge all obstacles and overcome all temptations, striving for a better and brighter future!

Let me once again congratulate you on September 28, International Bosniak Day, and wish you good health, joy, happiness and prosperity.

Stevo Pendarovski





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