Message from President Stevo Pendarovski on the occasion of May 1, Labor Day

1 May 2023 | Press Releases

On the occasion of May 1, Labor Day, President Stevo Pendarovski sent the following message:

On May 1, Labor Day, let us remember and acknowledge all those who contributed to a fairer treatment of workers.

At the same time, we are grateful to everyone who is still fighting today to ensure decent working conditions, adequate wages and social security, building a society where decent work will be valued with dignity and workers’ rights will be fully protected.

The development and progress of North Macedonia, as well as a prerequisite for young people to stay in their homeland, largely depends on the working conditions and modern standards of the workers. Therefore, we should constantly review the realized rights of workers, prevent their exploitation, think about how to improve them to bring greater prosperity. Our task is to ensure that workers have the necessary education and training, that there is fair treatment by employers, to remove barriers to full participation in the workplace for citizens with disabilities. Let us dedicate ourselves to providing opportunities for everyone, because every worker deserves respect and has the right to a dignified life.

Happy May 1 to all workers!






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