First module of the School of Policies for 2022 within the Presidential Center for Political Education

26 March 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski addressed the opening of the School of Policies for 2022 within the Presidential Center for Political Education, which marked the start of the first module held this weekend.

In his address, President Pendarovski pointed out that the goals of the School of Policies, as a central activity of the Presidential Center for Political Education, are: building a solidarity and inclusive society, encouraging political and social dialogue by overcoming divisions and promoting multiculturalism as a key link between citizens.

“I am confident that the participants in the second generation of the School will have an exceptional opportunity not only to upgrade their knowledge and skills, but also to connect and build contacts that will affect their further personal and professional development”, the President said.

President Pendarovski stressed that in terms of the topics to be addressed, again, the focus will be on strategic and topical issues for our country and society, such as: democracy and human rights, the rule of law and the fight against corruption, socio-economic development, NATO and security challenges in light of the latest developments, European Union integration, but also youth policies, the rights of marginalized communities and policies in the field of regional cooperation.

The School of Policies takes place in the spirit of democratic political values, promotion and protection of human rights and freedoms, political pluralism, mutual tolerance, unity and solidarity. The goal of the School is to connect the participants with different professional experience who have a desire with their knowledge and skills to contribute to the positive development of society, to contribute to building unity through learning, as well as to promote a culture of dialogue.

The event was also addressed by Thomas Hughes, Independent Governor of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Director of the Facebook/Instagram Oversight Board, and other representatives of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, as well as by Prof. Aleksandar Lj. Spasov, from the Faculty of Law, Advisor to the President, who is also President of the Program Council of the Presidential Center for Political Education.

Within the School of Policies for 2022, five educational seminars will be held, which will be implemented in the period from March to November this year with eminent lecturers and trainers from the country and abroad.

The School of Policies is organized in cooperation with the offices of foundations and associations in the country: Friedrich Ebert, International Republican Institute (IRI), Konrad Adenauer, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Foundation MK2025 and the Regional Youth Cooperation Organization (RYCO).






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