Gjorgievska: Successful entrepreneurial practices to empower and encourage rural women

17 October 2022 | Press Releases

The Wife of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, addressed today the Conference “Challenges of women in rural areas and their commitments”, which was held under her auspices in the Cabinet of the President.


Within the framework of the event, exhibition of products of female farmers was organized, aimed at encouraging women to get involved in the processes of food production.

In her address, Gjorgievska said that by presenting good practices and successful stories of women entrepreneurs in rural areas, it is necessary to encourage rural women to free themselves from traditional restraints and be an inspiration to others.

“I hope this Conference and the exhibition held here in the Cabinet will help in the promotion of everything you do and speak of the real significance of women in rural areas, in general in the economy of our country”, President’s Wife, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, said.

Expressing satisfaction that the exhibition, as one of the events on the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women, is being held in the Cabinet of the President, Gjorgievska expressed her support for such events in the future as well.

“I congratulate you on the wonderful exhibition, I had the opportunity to see it and I really hope that in the future we will do even more such exhibitions and in this way better placement of your products will be ensured”, Gjorgievska said.

The Conference and the exhibition are organized by the Center for Change Management, in cooperation with the National Federation of Farmers on the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women, October 15.




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