President Pendarovski in Gostivar: Vaccination should go continuously until full immunization of the population

14 April 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski visited today the vaccination point and the Emergency Medical Service at the PHI Health Center in Gostivar.

President Pendarovski was acquainted with the vaccination process protocols in Gostivar and the Gostivar region.

The Health Center Director, Dr. Jamin Sinani, informed President Pendarovski about the currently vaccinated target groups of citizens aged over 77, with a gradual decline of the age limit that already covers people over 60, as well as the immunization dynamics which includes about 50 citizens daily.

President Pendarovski also talked to the medics in charge of vaccination, who stressed that the process is going smoothly, according to the immunization calendar. Those who were vaccinated today, appealed to all citizens, both young and old, to be vaccinated, because as they say, it saves lives. They expressed satisfaction with the conditions and the health care provided by the staff of the PHI Health Center – Gostivar.

The President also visited the Emergency Medical Service within the health center where he talked to the staff about their work, capacities and challenges they face, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. They informed him about the number of interventions per day related to the pandemic, but also about other cases. Regarding the immunization, they pointed out that the staff has already been vaccinated, with the exception of the employees who are still recovering from Covid-19.

President Pendarovski expressed satisfaction with the demonstrated professionalism, commitment and sacrifice of the entire medical staff in the past period, emphasizing the need for the vaccination process to take place continuously until full immunization of the population. In that context, he said that the personal responsibility of every citizen is one of the preconditions for faster and safer collective immunity.




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