President Pendarovski receives the letters of credence from the newly appointed Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic, Sophia Philippidou

15 November 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today the Letters of Credence of the newly appointed Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the Republic of North Macedonia, Sophia Philippidou.

At the ceremony of handing over the credentials, President Pendarovski assessed that, with the signing of the Prespa Agreement, a positive and constructive atmosphere has been created in the relations between the two countries. In that direction, President Pendarovski expressed confidence that the Republic of North Macedonia will continue to be actively committed to the implementation of the Prespa Agreement and to the further deepening of cooperation with the Hellenic Republic and expressed the expectation that the Greek side will also continue to make efforts towards implementation of the Agreement, especially in the part of the extension of the legal framework, which, as President Pendarovski assessed, is a significant prerequisite for further strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

“Today, North Macedonia and the Hellenic Republic are allies in NATO, the two countries share a common vision and commitment to peace, stability, well-being and economic prosperity in the Region and in the global framework, as well as close cultural and human values, which are key elements in building a safer and more prosperous future for our citizens. Our alliance in NATO takes on even greater significance for the entire region, in light of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine and the numerous challenges it creates for all countries in Europe and beyond. In that sense, the further integration of the Western Balkans into the European Union is additional guarantee for the stability and prosperity of this part of Europe”, President Pendarovski, said expressing gratitude for the loud support that the Hellenic Republic gives for the European integration of North Macedonia.

Ambassador Philippidou said that the intensification of high-level bilateral meetings is proof of the growing rapprochement between the two countries.

Greece is strongly committed to improving overall relations and sincere friendship with the Republic of North Macedonia. Hence, we expect intensification of efforts for full, consistent and in good faith implementation of the Prespa Agreement. We congratulate North Macedonia for holding the first intergovernmental conference that paved the way for European integration. Greece has always supported and promoted the European ambitions of the Western Balkans, including the Republic of North Macedonia, and is ready to provide its expertise to facilitate the process”, Ambassador Philippidou said.

President Pendarovski wished Ambassador Philippidou successful performance of her important office.




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