The Wife of the President, Gjorgievska, in a pre-New Year’s visit to “Idnina”, the Day Center “Dua Ilberin” and the “SOS Children’s Village”

23 December 2023 | Press Releases

The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, on the eve of the New Year’s holidays, visited today the Primary School and Resource Center “Idnina”, the Association for Children with Disabilities in the Day Center “Dua Ilberin” and the SOS Children’s Village in Skopje.

In “Idnina”, Mrs. Gjorgievska visited the offices where educational teaching and individual support of students with disabilities takes place, and she also attended a New Year’s workshop. In the conversation with the Director Loreta Andreevska, the Wife of the President was informed about the current projects, about the scope of work and the available capacities, as well as about the challenges they face in the implementation of the activities.

In the Day Care Center “Dua Ilberin”, Gjorgievska visited the children of preschool age, the rooms for group and individual therapy. The Directors, Mevlude Thaci and Edlira Destani, introduced her to the multidisciplinary approach and the main commitments of the Day Center, where creative education provides support and socialization of persons with disabilities.

During her stay in the “SOS Children’s Village”, she had the opportunity to visit the foster families and talk with some of the children who live there until they turn 14 years, as well as with the SOS foster parents. Director Juliana Gapo referred to the priorities of the international non-governmental organization, focused on supporting children without parents and parental care.

As part of today’s visits to “Idnina”, “Dua Ilberin” and SOS Children’s Village, the Wife of the President expressed her gratitude to all involved institutions, organizations and partners, especially the teaching and professional staff, for their humane commitment in education – educational activity, social protection and application of children’s rights.

During her stay with the children, while giving them New Year’s gifts, she wished them pleasant holiday moments, good health, personal success in every field and realization of all their wishes and interests.






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