Independence Day celebration starts with the exhibition “Artistic Flares” in the Cabinet of the President

7 September 2021 | Press Releases

On the occasion of the celebration of 30 years of independent Macedonian state, organized by the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, the first of a series of cultural events was held tonight featuring important works of the rich contemporary Macedonian cultural treasury.


The celebration of the 30th anniversary of independence in the President’s Office is titled “Layers of Modernity – 30 Years of Independence through Arts” and emphasizes the key role of cultural and artistic practices for democratization and of the emancipation policies in the society.

The exhibition “Artistic Flares”, curated by Maja Cankulovska and implemented in cooperation with the National Gallery of the Republic of North Macedonia was officially opened in the Cabinet of the President this evening, and includes works from the Museum of Contemporary Art – Skopje, the Office for Protection of the Cultural Heritage, the National Institution Institute and Museum Stip, the Ministry of Culture and the Cabinet of the President. The exhibition features works by renowned Macedonian artists: Dimitar Pandilov Avramovski, Nikola Martinoski, Lazar Lichenoski, Ljubomir Belogaski, Dimitar Kondovski, Boro Mitrikeski, Mazev Petar, Gligor Chemerski, Dragutin Avramovski-Gute, Risto Kalchevski, Ana Temkova, Rodoljub Anastasov, Omer Kaleshi.


Addressing the guests, President Pendarovski said that for Independence Day, a selection of works in the Cabinet will be displayed in one place and open to the public, expressing hope that it will motivate many, especially the younger generation, to take an interest in their works and in Macedonian art in general.


“Although seemingly small, the treasury of Macedonian fine arts contains significant authors and works pairing with the world’s biggest names. Part of that wealth is temporarily housed in the offices of many institutions, including the President’s Cabinet. Apart from beautifying and aestheticizing the space, it is also a way to present the great Macedonian artists in front of the guests, visitors and official delegations from home and abroad.”


During the event, there was a digital presentation prepared by Jovanka Popova, which included a summary of the rich fine art treasury of about 143 contemporary Macedonian artists who had the greatest influence in the past 30 years. During the event, the artist Gjorgje Jovanovic and the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Evgenija Trajkovska and Milena Petkovska, who are under the mentorship of Professor Slavica Janeshlieva, made a mural that will be donated to charity, and the present guests had the opportunity hear the performance of Dolores Popovic, actress and composer.


The exhibition will be open to all visitors by pre-registering on the official website of the President. The visit will be organized depending on the number of registered citizens, and in accordance with the current measures for protection against Covid-19.




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