Interview of President Pendarovski for “Top Tema” on Telma TV

11 March 2022 | Interviews

In an interview for “Top Tema” on Telma TV, President Stevo Pendarovski referred to North Macedonia’s diplomatic relations with Russia, the sanctions the country will impose on Russia and whether economic and trade relations will suffer any change.

The President expressed the view whether the state leadership is coordinated in relation to the developments in Ukraine and what the country will do from a humanitarian point of view.

At the same time, the President answered questions about the impact of the Russian invasion on public opinion, fake news, media propaganda and disinformation spread through social media, as well as our institutional capacity to deal with hybrid attacks.

In the interview, the President answered whether North Macedonia is facing security threats and economic crisis, and expressed his expectations for the Western Balkans region in terms of security and stability.




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