Interview of President Stevo Pendarovski for “24 Analiza”

22 June 2022 | Interviews

President Stevo Pendarovski, in an interview for “24 Analiza” on Television 24, spoke about current issues in the field of the country’s foreign policy, about the proposal of the French presidency to overcome the blockade from Bulgaria, the possibilities for adopting the Negotiating Framework, and commented on the demands of the Bulgarian side for changing the Constitution, as well as the statements by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

In the interview, the president assessed that historical issues and language disputes have no place in the Negotiating Framework, stressing that it cannot be adopted if we do not say “yes”. Regarding the proposal of the French presidency with the EU, President Pendarovski said that so far we “have not seen a written document”, but that there was communication between the parties and it is necessary to see the final EU proposal for the insight in the full content.





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