Interview of President Stevo Pendarovski for “24 Open” on Television 24

3 February 2021 | Interviews

Political pluralism is destroying the state. We have to stretch our hands. Every one of us politicians can contribute with his or her actions to reducing the gap between opposing political parties. We must jointly support the institutions that should ensure justice, but also not seek justification for the Corruption Perceptions Index, President Stevo Pendarovski said in “24 Open” on Television 24.

In the interview, President Pendarovski spoke about topical issues in the Republic of North Macedonia, such as the upcoming census, judicial reform, challenges with corruption, foreign policy, as well as relations with political parties and social polarization.

I am obliged to keep my door open for everyone. I have a sincere desire to establish a completely different way of cooperating with the opposition, President Pendarovski said in the interview.





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