Interview of President Stevo Pendarovski for the state agency MIA

16 January 2021 | Interviews

In these areas, the census is linked to a political operation, because human rights are still seen primarily through the national prism. Therefore, we need concrete statements that even after the change of government, no one intends to change the Constitution and take away the rights, President Stevo Pendarovski said in the interview with MIA.

“Let’s not light a fire with hidden agendas, because the census should be a statistical operation without political interference. It is legitimate for the opposition to criticize the government, but I would like to see the constructive proposals of the opposition regarding the census accepted”, President Pendarovski said.

In the interview for the state agency, the President gave answers to topical domestic political issues, speaks about international relations, European integration processes and bilateral relations with the Republic of Bulgaria, expectations for post-election change of Bulgarian policy, but also about the options we have if the Bulgarian position remains constant.

“This is an approach initiated by us, which I hope the Bulgarian side will agree on, which should rebuild the atmosphere of trust so that we can discuss all issues. It is not about any new agreement, addendum to the agreement, protocol or annex”, President Pendarovski said in the interview with MIA, stressing once again that identity issues are not a topic for us.







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