Interview of President Stevo Pendarovski in “Top Tema” on Telma TV

17 December 2021 | Interviews

The European integration of the Republic of North Macedonia, the relations with the Republic of Bulgaria, the current developments in the country in the political field, in the field of judiciary and the appointment of ambassadors, were topics discussed in the interview of President Stevo Pendarovski in “Top Tema” on Telma TV.

“The historical commission is important, but we cannot talk about history and only history, and through the success of that historical commission to assess whether someone deserves to join the European Union. Hence, I welcome the approach of the new Bulgarian Prime Minister, Kiril Petkov, that history should not be the only channel of communication between Skopje and Sofia, and I expect that as soon as possible, whether this or next month, we will enter into a practical implementatin of that plan”, President Pendarovski said in the interview, regarding the current relations with the Republic of Bulgaria and the expectations for progress in the processes led.




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