President Pendarovski receives the student with above average intelligence, Makedon Dimitrievski

19 May 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today Makedon Dimitrievski, a second grade student at the Lirija Primary School in Tetovo, who has above-average intelligence.

In the conversation with Makedon, the President was acquainted with the affinities, interests, successes, skills and knowledge of the seven-year-old student, as well as his wishes and challenges for the future.

He stressed that it is a special honor for him to have the opportunity to meet the little genius that made our country proud and to encourage and support his future overall development.

“Such students are of special interest to our society and deserve maximum commitment from the state”, the President said at the meeting, pointing out that it is necessary for institutions to create a stimulating environment that will support, encourage and direct the development of children with above average intelligence. “Gifted and talented students have complex educational needs, which is a special challenge for the education system and imposes the need for individualized programs adapted to gifted students”, President Pendarovski added.

The President congratulated Makedon on winning the gold medal in the “Mathematics without Borders” competition, competing with 4,000 participants from 22 countries around the world, and wished him many more successes in the future.

Makedon has an IQ of 134, speaks several foreign languages, including Arabic and Chinese, has perfected knowledge of astronomy and the focus of his constant interest is mathematics, where his knowledge is appropriate for secondary education.




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