Meeting with students – competitors in the 24th Balkan Junior Mathematical Olympiad who won Olympic gold, silver and two bronze

24 September 2020 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today the students – competitors in the 24th Balkan Junior Mathematical Olympiad who won gold, silver and two bronze medals.

President Pendarovski, congratulating the students for this remarkable success, said that he, as well as the entire Macedonian public, received this news with great joy, which caused a feeling of pride and happiness in everyone.

“Enjoy these moments and rejoice. Being an Olympic winner is a big deal and you all made us proud. You are a positive example for present and future generations – Thank you”, the President said.

He added that their success has shown that there are no unsolvable tasks, when the solution is sought as a team and responsibly.

“Your medals that you proudly wear on your chest today send a message to all young people in our country that with dedicated and hard work, with a lot of effort, the results are always evident”, President Pendarovski said.

The President told the students that he expects them to continue on the same path, that the biggest challenges can always be overcome with motivation, desire and discipline.

The students shared their impressions of the Olympiad, as well as the period of their preparations, which during the COVID-19 pandemic, passed in specific circumstances.

“It did not diminish our enthusiasm and desire for success. On the contrary, it motivated us further to work with more enthusiasm and show that the love for mathematics is nurtured in our country as well”, the students said at the meeting.

They expressed gratitude for the reception in the Presidential Cabinet and promised even greater success in the future.

In the period from 9 to 13 September 2020 in Greece, the 24th Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad was virtually held, at which our team, located in the premises of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje, competed via video conference.

The team consisted of: Nikola Spirovski – a gold medal winner, Damjan Davkov – a silver medal winner, Nikola Cvetanoski – winner a bronze medal, Marija Atanasova – a bronze medal winner, Matej Gelev, Emilija Nikolovska, while team leader was Delcho Leshkovski and deputy team leader was Borce Joshevski.

This year, 10 Balkan countries and 8 guest countries participated in the 24th Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad, which includes all students from primary and secondary education who have not reached fifteen and a half years of age by the day of the event.





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