Message by President Pendarovski to the citizens on the occasion of the Christian holiday Easter

19 April 2020 | Press Releases

Dear fellow citizens,

Today is the greatest Christian holiday, the Resurrection of Christ, which carries the powerful message that life always wins.
I wish Easter to bring peace, harmony and joy into your homes, sharing them with your loved ones.

I would normally send this message to you after the regular service on the occasion of the holiday, which is traditionally attended by a large number of citizens who then prepare for the moments to spend with their families and loved ones.
But this year we have a different kind of Easter. Due to the global crisis caused by the pandemic that we all face, this year we are under the burden of the threat of coronavirus and we welcome the holiday in our homes, in a different atmosphere and with different habits and behavior.

Some of our citizens are at the front lines in dealing with the crisis, and day and night they are doing their job, allowing most of us to stay home with what we need the most to save our health and our lives.

Dear all,
May Easter remind us that now we need faith, courage and patience to endure this difficult period in dealing with the virus, and by overcoming the crisis to learn the most important life lesson about the need for more equality, responsibility, solidarity and respect between us.

I wish you Happy Easter, Christ is Risen!




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