Message on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day

10 December 2020 | Press Releases

Stevo Pendarovski

President Stevo Pendarovski sent a message on the occasion of December 10 – International Human Rights Day.

Dear citizens,

Celebrating International Human Rights Day, we are reminded that these universal benefits were born from the greatest crises of humanity. Written in a world recovering from the horrors of World War II, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was the first global document to create a moral obligation to respect the inherent dignity and equality of all human beings. From that dignity emerged the right to life, freedom, personal security, equality before the law. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion, of expression and assembly, social, economic and cultural rights are part of the fundamental, inalienable and interdependent human rights and freedoms that stand against the attempts to violate the integrity of the individual.
However, millions of people, including our own citizens, do not enjoy universal rights because of a series of structural inequalities and systemic injustices, because of hate speech, discrimination, violence and intolerance of diversity.

We must not be indifferent and ignore any violation of basic human rights which can escalate into any form of violence. Every one of us is obliged to clearly support human rights activists and fighters.

This year, we mark International Human Rights Day amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which further emphasized the importance of consistent respect for the rights of all people, regardless of gender, race, disability, religion, political belief, sexual orientation, national or social origin, social or other status.

With even greater commitment we should advocate for the protection of human dignity, with special attention to the vulnerable members of our society. Human rights must be respected everywhere and always, without exception.




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