Awarding of the Order of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Order of Military Merit and the Medal for Courage on the occasion of August 2, Ilinden – Day of the Republic

2 August 2022 | Press Releases

On the occasion of the celebration of August 2nd, Ilinden – the Day of the Republic, President Stevo Pendarovski today awarded the Order of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Order of Military Merit and the Medal for Courage at a solemn ceremony.

Krste Crvenkovski was posthumously awarded the Order of the Republic of North Macedonia, for his particular, strategic, long-lasting and unique contribution to the foundation and development of the Macedonian state and Macedonian society.

His vision and his specific contribution to the formation of Macedonian society, culture and the political progressive and emancipatory path is of inestimable importance. Crvenkovski actively advocated for equality and for the uniqueness of peoples and pluralistic cultural identities in society, as well as for the legitimate interests of the republics and their peoples and nationalities, as a basis for building the federal policy.

He is one of the most significant, progressive and leading politicians in the history of Macedonian statehood, who left lasting values in the development of political culture.

With the Order of Military Merit, the President posthumously honored Nevena Nikolova Georgieva – Dunja, for her extraordinary courage, sacrifice, steadfastness and for her leadership role in the anti-fascist struggle in the workers’ and trade union movements, who advocated for social justice, obliging our country with her heroic deed and her example of dedication to the common goal and the common struggle for a better and more just world.

Nevena Nikolova Georgieva-Dunja is the first Macedonian partisan, who was part of the National Liberation War. She is an example of how youth together with maturity, perseverance and dedication are prerequisites for creating progressive social and ideological narratives.

The Medal for Courage was awarded to: Nikola Stojanovski, Jovan Velichkovski, Trajanka Avramovska (posthumously), Ilija Dunovski, Nikola Nikoloski, Cvetko Cvetkoski, Kadrija Xhaferi and Dafinka Bogoeva. These eight are distinguished for their sacrifice, for their persistent fighting spirit and for their lifelong dedication to the high goals of the community, as well as for their overall contribution to the National Liberation fight, which can be seen through their characteristics, and also through the characteristics of a large number of generations of fighters, who did not spare their lives for freedom, establishing the basic guidelines for building the state.





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