Decorations awarded to six cultural artists and the Albanian Theater

26 December 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski awarded the Order of Merit for the Republic of North Macedonia, the Medal of Merit for the Republic of North Macedonia and the Charter of the Republic of North Macedonia at a solemn ceremony.

With the Order of Merit for the Republic of North Macedonia, President Pendarovski awarded Goce Todorovski, Bajrush Mjaku and Kole Angelovski.

Goce Todorovski is distinguished for his exceptional and unique contribution to the development, popularization and affirmation of theater art. With his unique acting talent, he won our hearts, leaving indelible traces in our history, culture and tradition.

Bajrush Myaku is distinguished for his three-decade career as one of the most significant actors in the contemporary Macedonian theater. He established himself as one of the central theater figures in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Kole Angelovski is distinguished for his 60-year rich artistic career as one of the most complex figures of Macedonian theater and film. His acting and, above all, directing opus leaves a deep mark in the memory of the wide audience, his work is widely appreciated and of inestimable importance for the overall development and popularization of theater and film art.

A Medal of Merit for the Republic of North Macedonia was awarded to Branko Ognjanovski, Vasko Todorov and Lupcho Karov.

Lupcho Karov is distinguished for his author’s contribution and for his participation in the unique comedy show “K-15”, through which he conveyed a unique social, political and economic satire of the situation in the Macedonian society and, in general, for all his involvement in radio and television, for his contribution to the Macedonian music, but also for his civic activism and involvement in the preservation of the environment, which left indelible traces in the media space and the Macedonian stage, but also in the overall social life.

Branko Ognjanovski and Vasko Todorov are distinguished for the unique comedy show “K-15”, through which they convey a unique social, political and economic satire of the situation in the Macedonian society. As one of the most characteristic television characters, they left a mark and incentive for the development of this type of creativity for future generations.

The Charter of the Republic of North Macedonia was awarded to the Albanian Theater for its seven-decade existence, during which it established itself as one of the leading artistic institutions that realizes a particularly significant cultural, educational and aesthetic activity in Macedonian society, as well as for its invaluable contribution to the development of modern theater in the Republic North Macedonia.

Below is the integral address of President Pendarovski.

Dear guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Valuing what institutions and individuals leave as a legacy to their people, especially those who owe the society to which they belong with their work, is the obligation and responsibility of every serious state, but also an act that is certainly not only of a protocol nature.

We are a small country, but we can boast of exceptional personalities, authors, creative persons, in many areas of social life, especially in culture and art.

Over the past four and a half years of my tenure, I have had the opportunity to award a significant number of recognitions and awards to truly exceptional individuals and established institutions.

Unfortunately, in some cases it was posthumous or late, because even when there is a will, you cannot in just a few years correct what has not been done for decades.

However, the most important thing is that those persons and institutions, from their country, are not forgotten.

I believe that together with the Commission for awarding recognitions and decorations, in the past period we managed to honor many who deserve it and valorize their formative contribution to the lives of many generations.

Today, we continue on that path with awarding the Charter to one of our top cultural and artistic institutions, as well as awarding of three medals and three orders of merit to our prominent actors, directors and media personalities who are an inalienable part of Macedonian culture.

To one of our top theater houses – the Albanian Theater, we award the Charter of the Republic of North Macedonia for seven decades of dedication to the development of theater art. Through the performance of plays by the world’s most important authors in the Albanian language, the theater played a particularly significant role in affirming and nurturing the mother tongue of one of our largest ethnic communities.

At the same time, the Albanian Theater, which pays particular attention to repertory policies, is an institution from the area of culture that promotes the most significant Macedonian, but also world drama and cultural heritage, following contemporary trends in the performing arts.

The theater or the planks that mean life, was also the place where one of our most engaged and successful actors and directors, Kole Angelovski, made unforgettable achievements.

In addition to the theater, he will also be remembered for his television and film involvement, by which Angelovski undoubtedly grew into one of the most significant artistic names that have permanently influenced Macedonian culture.

Television, film and theater stage are the media where Goce Todorovski played masterful roles, delighting audiences of all generations. His acting talent always managed to evoke emotions in viewers, making him one of the most loved actors among the people.

Whenever we mention big actors’ names, the name of Bajrush Mjaku, one of our most exposed, most significant and complex Macedonian actors, with a huge international capital, is unavoidable. With his undeniable talent and masterful portrayal of the characters, Mjaku appears suggestive and powerful, in a series of examples of superb acting.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In addition to these three great artistic names to whom we are awarding the Order of Merit, today we have another indispensable television trio who have become synonymous in popular culture with humor and social satire in independent Macedonia – Lupco Karov, Branko Ognjanovski and Vasko Todorov. These are the three creators and producers of undoubtedly the most popular television show in the history of independent Macedonia – K15, to whom today we will award a Medal of Merit – deservedly so.

Their critical and humorous presentation of our daily political affairs and their unforgettable timeless sketches are still remembered and cause a good mood among viewers. Let us hope that maybe today’s act will be a motive for them to treat us with a new episode of K-15 and to revive the characters of Toso Malerot, Cacko and Mile Panika or to surprise with a completely different project. Honestly, we all prefer the first option.

Ladies and gentlemen,

From the very beginnings of civilization, man needed catharsis, deconstructing the dramatic everyday life through irony and humor, transferring reality into art and then, through art, ennobling that same reality. Today, to six individuals and one institution who make our world better, who contribute to our beautification and ennoblement, I believe that, in the name of all Macedonian citizens, we value their work and professional achievements in an appropriate way.

I am convinced that their works and accomplishments will be an incentive for current and future generations to create in theater, film, television, and new media. Only in that way can they be incorporated into the temples of the Macedonian cultural heritage, as did the persons to whom we express our gratitude and respect today.

Thank you.






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