Open Cabinet with students from the Primary School “Grigor Prlichev” from Skopje

2 October 2023 | Press Releases

The President’s Office, as part of the Open Cabinet activity, was visited today by sixth grade students from the Primary School “Grigor Prlichev” from Skopje.

During the visit, the students were introduced to the history of the building in which the Cabinet is located and the way the institution functions. They visited the premises where official and working meetings, ceremonies, events, press conferences and presentation of credentials by foreign ambassadors are held. The students also visited in the Mosaic Hall, where they saw the mosaics “Macedonia – Bright Country” and “Macedonia Remembers”, by one of the most important Macedonian artists, academician Gligor Chemerski.

The primary school students from “Grigor Prlichev” also met President Stevo Pendarovski and talked with him about his work, about the presidential powers and activities.

As part of the Open Cabinet, so far the Cabinet has been visited by citizens of different ages, professions and occupations, students from the country and abroad, as well as students from primary and secondary schools.






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