Open Cabinet for students from primary schools “Vera Ciriviri – Trena”, “Kiro Gligorov” from Skopje and “Ilinden” from Kriva Palanka

11 May 2023 | Press Releases

Students from primary schools “Vera Ciriviri – Trena” and “Kiro Gligorov” from Skopje, as well as students from primary school “Ilinden” from Kriva Palanka, visited the President’s Cabinet today as part of the Open Cabinet activity.

The visitors had the opportunity to meet President Pendarovski, be informed about his regular work duties and topics related to the presidency. Today’s visit was an opportunity for President Pendarovski to talk with them about their favorite school subjects and personal interests, as well as the importance of inclusiveness and cooperation between students.

The students also visited the premises where official and working meetings of President Pendarovski are held, as well as the halls intended for meetings, ceremonies and press conferences.

The employees of the Cabinet informed them about the functioning of the institution, and in the Mosaic Hall they saw the imposing diptych “Macedonia – Bright Country” and “Macedonia Remembers”, the work of one of our most important contemporary artists, Academician Gligor Chemerski.

Open Cabinet is part of the Face to Face with the President project, which enables direct meetings of citizens with President Stevo Pendarovski. In the past four years, the Cabinet was visited by citizens of different ages and professions, students from the country and abroad, as well as students from primary and secondary schools.






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