Panel discussion: Nutrition and its impact on oral and overall health

23 February 2023 | Press Releases

The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, participated today and addressed the panel discussion “Nutrition and its Impact on Oral and Overall Health”, organized by HealthHub, within the Office of the President – MladiHub.

In her address to the audience, Mrs. Gjorgievska referred to the importance of a healthy diet on oral health, the drastic changes in the quality of nutrition in recent decades, noting that good oral health is the key to general good health, but unfortunately we are faced with epidemic of obesity.

Basic problem in nutrition, not only from oral aspect, but also for overall health, Mrs. Gjorgievska said is the reduction of the use of refined carbohydrates, the use of healthy products, thermally unprocessed food, fruits and vegetables, the use of larger amounts of dairy products and the use of meat, fish, eggs, which also contain a large amount of protein, necessary for the construction of tissues in children.

Prof. Dr. Kalina Grivcheva Stardelova, internist, gastro-enterohepatologist at PHI Clinical Center Skopje, addressed the event and spoke about the right of patients to be fed properly; Prof. Dr. Igor Spiroski, specialist in hygiene and health ecology at the Institute of Public Health spoke about nutrition as a public health risk. The Head of the EU Delegation in Skopje, Ambassador David Geer, participated in the discussion and spoke about food regulations in the EU.
Participants in the panel discussion were representatives from the Association of Medical Students, young doctors, dental students, young people from the National Youth Council of Macedonia and the Union of High School Students.

The discussion was organized within the HealthHub program and includes lectures to strengthen the theoretical knowledge of students of general medicine and medical sciences, and aims to indicate the importance of nutrition and its impact on both oral and overall health of the population, the long-term effects and damages that may occur as a result of improper nutrition.

The event is a continuation of the joint project with the Association of Young Doctors and Trainees as a result of multi-year cooperation in the direction of education and raising public awareness of young generations.




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