Through patronage, the President contributes to the affirmation of art and culture, science, education, sports, strengthening of the inclusion and improving the conditions for vulnerable groups in the society.

The President is a traditional patron of representative international cultural events such as the Ohrid Summer Festival and the Cinematographers Film Festival Manaki Brothers.

The international “Ohrid Summer Festival” is attended by top stage performers, world famous composers and musicians from the country and the world. Due to the long-term successful presentation of our and the world music and cultural work, the National Institution “Ohrid Summer Festival”, in 2010, was decorated by the President of the Republic with the Order of Merit for Macedonia.

The Manaki Brothers, the world’s oldest film festival named after the Manaki Brothers, is attended by important names and legends of world cinematography every year. In addition to the show character, the festival has a strong educational component as its program includes numerous workshops and lectures for filmmakers and enthusiasts.

The festival was founded in 1979 on the initiative of the Association of Film Workers of Macedonia, and in cooperation with the host city Bitola and the Cinematheque of Macedonia, in honor and as inspiration from the rich photographic and film opus of the Bitola brothers Manaki – Janaki and Milton.

Initially conceived as Manaki’’ Meetings, and then a film camera festival for ex-Yugoslav cinematographers, it has grown into an International Festival of World Cinematographers, whose feature films compete for three festival awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze Camera 300. The Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement and the Special Golden Camera 300 for Outstanding Contribution to World Film Art are awarded to the world’s greatest cinematographers/photography masters entering the Club of Laureates.

Since 2013, the “Big Star of Macedonian Film” award has been introduced.

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia is also the patron of:

  • The festival “Days of Macedonian Music”, the only one of its kind in the country, dedicated to the promotion and affirmation of Macedonian composers, as well as promotion of contemporary music and newly created works by domestic authors for the most part, but also some of the world’s leading composers.
  • The Ohrid Swimming Marathon, a regular race from the “Grand Prix” series of the World Swimming Federation (FINA) and one of the largest and most important international sports events in the country.
  • Awarding the Grand Annual Award for the most successful architectural work, awarded by the Association of Architects of Macedonia. This award is a kind of overview of the architectural achievements in the current year and valorization of the most successful achievements. The value of this recognition is even greater because it is awarded by colleagues – architects who know best how to assess the importance of an architectural work.
  • The “Engineering Ring”, an event organized by the Engineering Institution of Macedonia and the Chamber of Certified Architects and Certified Engineers, is an incentive to study engineering and contribute to the formation of quality engineering youth, compatible with developed countries.
  • The children’s song festival “Golden Nightingale”, which is organized by the Association for care and education of children of the City of Skopje, has been held for five decades as part of the celebration of the day of liberation of the City of Skopje, November 13th.
  • Awarding scholarships that bear the name of our tragically deceased President Boris Trajkovski. Each year, the top 20 candidates selected in accordance with the criteria of the public competition are given the opportunity to specialize in the areas of business administration at the University of Sheffield International Faculty of the United Kingdom, City College, located in Thessaloniki, Greece.

In addition to traditional patronage, the President has one-time patronages, given the significance of certain events, themes, manifestations and anniversaries.

In 2019, President Pendarovski was the patron of the “Galichnik Wedding” event – the traditional wedding ceremony typical of the Mijaks, which reflects authentic customs passed down through the centuries and which is one of the most important Macedonian cultural and tourist events.

In 2019, President Pendarovski was the patron of “Makinova” and “Ekonova” and the Theater Festival – “Games without a mask”.