Pendarovski to the staff of Infectious Diseases Clinic: Resist responsibly and professionally in this struggle, we are all with you

15 April 2020 | Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, made a video call to the Director and some of the medical staff employed at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Skopje.

The President was informed about the current situation at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, the number of patients and their health condition, as well as of the accommodation facilities of this institution and the available medical staff.

“Your motivation, commitment and, above all, the professionalism you perform your duties with every day in this healthcare crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus, in me and, I believe, in all our citizens, gives a sense of security and serenity. I encourage you to continue with the same pace and dedication to take care of patients and send home as many fully recovered people as possible to their loved ones. Resist this struggle, we are all with you”, the President told them.

The staff of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases informed the President about the high risks of their work and the available equipment for doctors and medical-technical staff of the Clinic, as a necessity and need in their engagement. They pointed out that they have sufficient resources and that their Clinic is regularly supplied, and everyone is engaged with maximum dedication, applying all protection measures and strictly adhering to WHO recommendations. President Pendarovski paid tribute to them in the fight with the dangerous virus because they are the first in the defense line, to which the staff of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases responded that they are aware of the risk, which is an integral part of their profession and assured that we will deal with this evil together because of the timely response.

The president also spoke with the Infectious Diseases Clinic interlocutors about the personal challenges of medical personnel, psycho-physical fatigue, the pressure caused by high-risk exposure, as well as the support of their loved ones and the way their families function. He told the staff of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases to abide by the high professional standards, to take care of themselves and to take care of the patients, of the health of our citizens. During the talks, the President expressed his gratitude for their efforts, commitment and courage in the line of duty.

Moreover, President Pendarovski and the staff of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Skopje sent a joint message to all our citizens to respect the measures and recommendations, because they are for everyone’s sake and that is the only way to overcome this crisis faster.

President Pendarovski spoke via video link with the Director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Dr. Milena Stevanovic, the Organizational Director, Mirjana Pehcevska Popilieva, Dr. Ilir Demiri, Dr. Ljubica Micunovic, anesthesiologist and Marina Hristova, nurse at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases.





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