Pendarovski to teachers in Mogila: Congratulations on your commitment to motivate students

23 April 2020 | Press Releases

The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, joined today the e-classes that took place in schools in the municipality of Mogila.

President Pendarovski had the opportunity to directly follow the educational process, in conditions when due to the epidemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, students attend classes from their homes.

In the French language class, in the regional primary school “Koco Racin” from the village Dolno Srpci, the students talked about their favorite cities, while the students from the eponymous central primary school in the village Ivanjevci, at the English language class, talked with President Pendarovski about different types of food.

The teachers of both departments, Elizabeta Dameva and Tatjana Bozinovska, informed President Pendarovski about the benefits, but also about the challenges arising from the e-learning, assessing that at this moment, it is the best way to study the subject smoothly. In that context, President Pendarovski congratulated them on their commitment to motivate students from home to be looking for new knowledge.

Such an approach in these conditions is an opportunity to improve the educational process. On-line teaching is an indication that young people, in addition to having fun, can use technology to be productive, to upgrade their knowledge and skills, to be creative and to find solutions to the challenges of the present.

In the conversation with the students, the President pointed out the importance of being responsible, respecting the recommendations to protect themselves and their loved ones. He wished the students to return to their school desks among their friends as soon as possible, because, despite the inevitable internet age, direct contact learning is still the best method of learning.




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